Thursday, June 28, 2007

MBF Sock #2

Here is the continuation of MBF sock #2. Since the overwhelming majority of you (i.e. unanimously, via 2 votes!) want me to overdye it, that's what we're going to do! Beth says that she thinks navy would be nice. I agree. It will darken the blues and greens to almost black, take the white to navy and turn the blips of red to a nice rich purple. So, work continues as begun, and "chops" will have to wait for his pair. Would naming this pair "In the Navy" be too Village People?

For the photo op. today, I took these outside for a bit of a stroll, thinking the natural daylight might give them less "shine" and more of a true to life appearance. I still think that the yarn is not *nearly* as bright as it appears in photos.

Also, I modified the Thuja a bit. What do you think? I'm still doing a seed stitch rib, but 2 stitches wide instead of only one.

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Beth said...

The phrase "in the Navy" would most definitely be too Village People! LOL