Friday, June 01, 2007

Baby Sock, ad nauseum....

So, those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that those two sock toes yesterday did NOT look the same. They weren't. I was so intent on making my increases properly, that I didn't alternate increase rows and plain rows. *Sigh* Frog pond on that...LOL. Good news...I cast right back on for that second sock, and got all the way through the heel last night. I probably would have finished the whole thing, but Braveheart came on, and I just had to turn it off and do something else before they killed his wife. (Yes, I'm a sue me.)

Here are today's photos:

Why, yes, I stuff my socks with tissues...don't you?

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Beth said...

I can't watch Braveheart at all. Too bloody and violent. I wouldn't have lasted in that era very long, would I?