Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Henry the 8th, I am...

I'm Henry the Eighth, I am!
Henry the Eighth I am! I am!
I got married to the widow next door,
She's been married seven times before.
Every one was an Henry
She wouldn't have a Willie or a Sam
I'm her eighth old man named Henry
Henry the Eighth, I am.


I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in This sock should be FLYING by, but it seems that although I'm knitting on it EVERYDAY, it's still just a toe! :( I'm dying to try the toe-up gusset heel from Widdershins. It feels like I'm stuck in a time warp and just keep knitting the first verse over and over.

Does it look any bigger? LOL.

(Note: If the sock was for me, I'd be at the heel by now. LOL.)
(Note, part 2: Why haven't I knit any socks for myself?)

ETA: (In case you live under a rock, or are under say...30 and reading this)

1 comment:

Beth said...

I see progress -- you're practically ready for the heel. Well, in a "few" more rows anyway...