Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Here is the happy recipient of my latest FO. You can just see the belly starting at the bottom of the photo. She's due Feb. 25th. I don't think she's gonna make it!

Leslie is the teacher at the after school program for my kids. They love her to death, and to be honest, so do I! She will truly be the BEST MOM EVER! She has the patience of a Saint, and obviously, works well with children!

I wanted to post a word about Kitchener/Grafting. There is an AWESOME pictorial tutorial over on Knitty. The one and only thing I would change on that tutorial is the mantra. She uses "knit, purl -- purl, knit." I would recommend changing it to, "knit, off, purl -- purl, off, knit." This really made the difference for me.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

really, REALLY, FO! are both socks (blocked because they are a gift and I wanted them to look purty).

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Clicking should take you to the bigger version...I'm testing something new!

From the book, Knit Socks! Easily Remembered Pattern, just a 2 line repeat. Knit on Size 3 (US) needles with Sockotta. Cuff down, kitchener toe...

The left one was my second ever kitchener toe (don't ask about the first). The second wasn't much better. The right one, however, is very close to perfect. If you can't find the owie, I'm not gonna tell you where it is. Kinda sucked that I was down to the green repeat in the yarn right at the toe. LOL.

Friday, January 26, 2007


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Stitch Markers

I'm sending these to Misocrafty tomorrow. Do you think she'll like the colors? :)

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and these:

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are for some other people I you can't guess who!

Friday, January 19, 2007

KMKS has arrived!

My Knit Mitt Kit Swap package arrived today! It was from Becky.

Here are the photos/descriptions:

Opening the box:

And the goodies inside:

That's 4 skeins of KnitPicks Swish in Dublin, Jade and Aloe (Green, Green and Green!). There's a pattern book with 5 mitten patterns in it from Mission Falls, and 2 sets of DPN's.

Here's a close up of the pattern:

and a close up of the bag fabric:

Thanks! It looks like fun!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The sky looked like this:

Isn't that just a great view to have from your desk?

I also sent out my Knit Mitt Kit Swap package.
Here is what was in it:
Stitch Markers, made by yours truly.

The Mitten Pattern “Fiber Fish”.

The project bag. I's a mitten swap, but I couldn’t imagine her using a bag with mittens on it in the summer, and she’s much more likely to be knitting socks than mittens, anyhow.

Merino goodness hidden inside. That’s KnitPicks Memories in the “Fly Fishing” colorway. Appropriate, non?

I also included some home made candies, some Ghirardelli candies, a Dragonfly refrigerator magnet, a copy of Knitters magazine, a cube of rainbow post it notes and a short note. I really hope she enjoys it!!!

In other news, I frogged the Gorilla socks back to the toe increases. The ribbing was irritating and ugly. I've narrowed them by 8 stitches from 64 to 56. Let's all hope that they will fit now. I ripped out about 3 inches of sock, which was really depressing.

I also finished an infant sock, which is blocking, and the freaking colors bled when I soaked it for blocking. I am so NOT impressed.

Until next time, may your BOs be swift, and your FOs be many!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Things I Learned Last Night....

1. Second graders do not *get* the concept of a timeline. Even if it is homework and they have several days to create one. NOTE: Screaming at your second grader about such things as "chronology" and "evenly spaced years" does not improve their understanding of the timeline concept. I really think the teacher should have helped them create the actual line, with years marked on it, before sending it home as homework. The worst was when she got so mad at me she screamed, "I TOLD DADDY YOU'D DO IT DIFFERENT!!!" *sigh*

2. Infant socks, while cute and quick, are a pain to figure out where you are at when you're doing a lace ankle. There isn't any other part to compare it to...that's it! It's in your did I do to the damn thing? Seriously, somehow my rounds were off, ending on the side opposite of the join/tail....and THEN one sock was back to ending rounds the right way...and the other was wrong. How the hell did I do that? Isn't that what magic loop is supposed to fix? Make it so you're doing the same thing to each sock at the same time?? Anyhow, the one sock is on it's own set of needles, and hopefully I can fix it tonight. (Ang, it's the sock from the back of that book you gave me, the green and yellow with the specific infant instructions.)

3. If you do your YO backwards (i.e. over the top of the right needle then down and between the needles) it's a big pain in the butt to knit that stitch on the next round. Well, it is if you don't realize you were doing them backwards and try to knit it properly, instead of through the back loop (which may or may not be a correct fix, but too bad...LOL). WHY was I doing them backwards? I have no flipping clue.

4. It's confirmed. DH thinks it's hilarious when I have to rip out my knitting. Although, he wouldn't say if it was just sick amusement, or if the swearing is what tickles him. I'd like to think it's the sudden "D'OH!" that gets him. (not to mention the words that would make a sailor blush that follow quickly behind the initial exclamation of discovery.)

5. I really need to knit more often. How could I "forget" how to YO? That really blew my mind.


Toe-up socks of my own design (stand back!) I've already had to add ribbing to the instep to "shrink" them. Ang, Beth and I have dubbed these the "Gorilla Socks." Inox circular needles (ICK!) with Lang Jawoll Jacquard sock yarn
Infant socks, cuff down from Knit Socks! Knitpicks circular needles, Sockotta yarn
Crib Afghan, Denise needles, Red Heart Acrylic (don't ask)


Baby garter stitch sweater. Lost track of the row count....bleh.
Bill's SSoD, The toes have holes, it's getting ripped back. I CANNOT M1 by pulling the bar up from previous row. Leaves a hole every time. K1FB for me. I can live with the small strand look.
Baby Bib. I've stalled out on the I cord. I think it's too fiddly, plus I have to throw when I do it or it looks like it went through a blender. should I do with 1 skein of Lion Brand Chenille that a coworker gave me? She's having a grandbaby soon, and I'd like to make something out of it and give it back to her. Let me know!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This just in....

Say What?!

I cannot fathom that I have any readers that don't read Yarn Harlot, but just in case, please click the link above and read, in disbelief, what some bankers in Oregon have done to Blue Moon Fiber Arts (makers of Socks that Rock yarn).



Woo....200 visits! Let me bask for a moment! LOL.

Seriously, I'm not sure how I'm getting around the net, but you all rock! Now, if I could just get some of my repeat visitors to leave some comments!! (Beth and Ang don't count.)

Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, UK, France, Canada, Korea, Phillipines, Germany, Iran....I wish I could *really* go to all those places, and not just through the "nets".

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It is really not fair that THIS:

Is stuck in my head today. Out of nowhere!

P.S. That is Stryper singing "Honestly". I didn't even like Stryper! LOL.


This is inspired by Brenda Dayne's "Note to Self" from yesterday's post at Cast-On. If you don't listen to her, her voice is like buttah! She could read The Wall Street Journal everyday from 'cover to cover' and I would listen.

So, here is my "Note to Self" (Caution: Mad Galloping Topic Drift Ahead)

Being a knitter is like having children. People who knit like to talk about their knitting...and share pictures of their knitting...and talk about other people's knitting...and share pictures of other people's knitting.

People who do not knit don't want to participate in any of the above. The same goes for having children. If you don't have any, you really don't want to hear/see them. (Yes, I'm making broad generalizations with me.) Wait...I have children and I frequently wish I couldn't see or hear what they are doing...

Exceptions: Husbands. Sometimes, (and I mean sometimes in the sense that sometimes I like to eat okra) husbands will find a knitting related blog post funny. I think mine had a genuine laugh at the Harlot's drug induced Green Sweater Debacle. I read it to him as he sat across the room and there were several, "oh no!"s and much head shaking.

[BTW, Bloglines rocks for trying to find stuff like that! Beats wading through the archives on her site...and gives you a direct link to it!]

My husband routinely thinks it's funny when I'm knitting along and suddenly shout out obscenities and start ripping back. He's a sick puppy. Either that or he finds my choice of swear words humorous (you know you've been reading too much Harlot when you type humourous first, and then wonder why it looks funny). My phrases of choice routinely involve ducks, goats, donkeys, as well as various parts of their get the picture.

My co-workers, while they routinely ask me what I'm making, DON'T CARE. Why do they ask? Why am I compelled to answer them in a rambling/gushing fashion? Why can't they just walk by and leave me to my tiny lunch time zen ritual? Why can't I just say, "socks" and leave it at that?

I sincerely believe this is why we (knitters) blog. This way, people who want to see/hear about our troubles/triumphs with short row heels, picking up stitches, k3togs and triple YOs can come visit...and those not interested remain blissfully unaware. The internet truely is a wonderful place. We are internally programmed to share this stuff with people, and this way, we aren't getting punched in the eye while at the urinal.

This concludes my "Note to Self". Carry on.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sheep Intestines

Good Morning! I didn't get home until 12:30 AM last sorry that you all had to wait for the update on our Knitter's Day Out.

Ang, Beth, my blogless Step Mother and I all ended up shopping together and we had so much fun!

First up...the gifts! You can see some of what I gave Angie over on her blog (where's the pics of the handmade stuff, woman! Sheesh). She gave me this book and this:

there are a couple of firsts involved here, her first short row heel and my first pair of handknit socks! (On a side note, could someone please tell me the past tense of knit? Is knitted a word? Or is it like moose and deer and no matter what you just say moose or deer? LOL) Anyhow, I love these socks! Of course I love them, they have purple in them. :) Maybe Ang will leave the yarn specifics in the comments, because I don't have the info (other than that they are laundry proof! yay!)

We went to The Merc and Heavenly Creations you can see what Ang picked up over on her blog. Beth got out of town with just one bag of roving! (I think, did you pick up some of that Paint Box?) What did I get, you say?

Well, crap. The black/red/grey is rather lovely and nice to work with, but the tag is, er, um....missing. So I can't tell you what it is. The Noro is Kureyon #154. Sockotta in colorway 6674 (don't you just love these descriptive colors?). The bottom on is Jitterbug in the Fruit Coulis colorway. Oohh...I found the receipt. The black stuff is Aurora Bulky Melange in colorway ABM4.

I also picked up some laceweight, and a new friend:

That's Alpaca with a Twist, Fino in Champagne. 70% Alpaca and 30% silk. Yum! That is destined for Acid Dyes. I think. That's Beth and Ang's department (and our next get together?). on to what Beth did for me! She taught me how to draft and spin on a drop spindle! She brought me this:

and aside from the fact that the skinny stuff is called pencil roving and the pink stuff is made from corn, I don't remember the details of what she told me they are. (Beth, could you comment and identify them again?) I'm to do the big blob last, I remember that. She also brought a spare spindle for me to test drive. We had a good time in The Merc while she tried to keep me focused on what I was supposed to be doing (there were people knitting cool things there...and there was conversation going on...I mean really! lol). Rule #1: don't let the drafted roving wind around your spun yarn, that was bad...lesson learned. LOL. Since I was spinning on a borrowed spindle, we had to remove it at the end of the lesson:

hence the name of this post. My dad has dubbed my first spinning "Sheep Intestines". I suppose I'll let it slide, because he helped me take this stuff:

and make this:

which I then used to do this:

Beth, if Ang bet you any money about how long until I had one made, I think we finished it around 11PM. :)

Thanks for coming up you two...I had a blast! Oh, and Beth, we found the Noro playground. It was hiding at the 3rd store!

Friday, January 05, 2007

The sun will come out....Tomorrow!

So, today’s post isn’t so much about Today as it is about Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a good friend for breakfast/lunch and some shopping. We’ve decided on Cracker Barrel as our eating establishment of choice, mainly because of its location on the southern side of town, which is only 1 ½ hours for Ang to drive…instead of 2. We’re also exchanging "christmas" gifts! I can’t wait for that part! I’d share what I’m getting her, but she is my ONE AND ONLY subscriber, and it’ll give the surprise away. Although I did let it slip that I got her some yarn. (Like it was really a secret…LOL) We decided that we’re giving each other knitting themed gift “baskets”, although mine does not involve a basket. At least I think we agreed on that....LOL. My "basket" does involve some handmade items, and since she’s coming up in approximately 14 hours, 32 minutes and 23 seconds, I should probably start making them!

Oh yes…the cat is out of the bag! I’m a procrastinator. The Procrastinator. 10 page paper due on Monday? Sunday night at 10pm is a good time to start. Luckily, I perform well under pressure. Unless, of course, you decide to stand right behind me WATCHING me try to crunch away. Then I make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I like to perform alone. Wow….that sounded kinky…LOL.

Thankfully, I wasn’t fool enough to mentally commit to knitting something for her. I have other handmade talents, and I’m planning to put them to good use tonight! (that sounded kinky, too….yeesh)

So, I promise to take LOTS of pictures and to have lots of fun!! I’ll see you late tomorrow!

In the mean time, may your BOs be swift, and your FOs be many!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I've lost track of what round I'm's been so long since I've posted a big post! I have photos today...brace yourselves!

I have a new project. 2 socks on 1 circular. Toe up pattern of my own devising (with a little help from my friends...). Fingering yarn on size 2 circs (I caved and bought a pair of Inox, lovely needles to knit with, but the join sucks.).

It all started like this:

Which is this lovely yarn:

Check it comes with its own reinforcement yarn! I found that to be totally amazing. Yes, I know, it doesn't take much to impress me.

So, I began with a Turkish Cast-On, because, well, I really wanted to use that's really cool. After 2 rounds, it looks like this:

and this:

nothing too impressive, but go look at the tutorial. It's really nice.

Those photos were a few days ago. Today, the socks look like this:

I've completed the increases for the toes and I'm about 5 rounds into the body of the sock. They aren't twins, but I think they are turning out quite lovely. I heart that yarn. A lot.

Till next time, may your BOs be swift, and your FOs be many!