Monday, June 11, 2007

deedeedidee....This just in....

More socks! :) I just found Picasa...and um...I'm in love! It thumbnailed these for me...and gave me the link and everything. <3

I hates(!) this bind off. Still on the search for THE best toe up BO

I cast this on immediately. No SSS for me! (at least not on this project)

and this:

Yes....I've knit about 6 more rows! go me!

I'm so loving how it's knitting up. And it feels fantastic!


Beth said...

Wait! Stop! Use Flickr instead. When Ravelry opens to everyone, you'll need your photos in Flickr. It's completely integrated. There are vague possibilities of using Picasa with it someday, but waaayyy down the road.

Heed this warning or suffer me saying "I told you so!" over and over in a mind-numbingly annoying voice. Often.

Tally said...

You can't make me! No! I won't do it!

I HATE Flikr with the heat of 1,000 suns.