Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yes. Boring title. Howdy to everyone stopping by from Rabbitch's blog. The particular t-shirt I want is this image, with a caption like, "Knitting without a helmet." or something equally as witty. I'm sure she'll think of SOMETHING. (hint, hint!)

Here's a picture of a mitten:

I'm not particularly proud of said mitten. It doesn't fit anyone I know, didn't care for the colors together, and I hate the construction (seemseamed). So, I never knit it a partner. I've had this mitten for a year. Just hanging out. I got a camera for xmas. It needed a home. My mitten needed a friend. It is no longer a mitten, but a "stylish" (fine..."weird") camera tote. With a thumb. Whatever. It works.

I'll have update photos of the scarf project soon, knitting is slow going on it, my hands have been achy.

Three cheers for recycling my own crappy knitting! Hip, hip, hooray!

Monday, January 21, 2008

99 Cables to Knit on the Scarf...

99 Cables to go, get one down, wrap it around, 98 cables to knit on the scarf.

Take 1:

This Pattern.

We (MBF, Mom, and I) decided that 8 inches was too wide. Mom and I also decided I should bump the needle size to 10 for a looser fabric. I'm using KnitPicks Swish yarn in Coast Grey (don't tell my aunt!)

Take 2:

It's now twice this long. I know...I'm such a speed demon... (riiiight)

(ETA:) Looking at those photos together, of take 1 and take 2...I think my count is off! The newer one looks like I've skipped rows. (This would explain why I keep "losing count") I was debating using ribbing to connect the two ends, less bulky on the neck. Now I'm thinking I should just start stretching (elongating) the cables, arranging is so that it's like a 30 row cable behind the neck...coming back down to the 8 rows at either end (or um...6 rows.). Does that sound dumb? Help me Obi Wan! You're my only hope!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Guess the Weight Anyone?

Do I have any Carnies out there? Any guesses?

Well, the black is 110 grams. I have 25g of some deep purple that was also grandma's:

Thinking I could do a repeat of the pattern in that for accent?

Anyone? Bueller?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

First Project of '08

In a change of mindset I can't explain, MBF asked for a scarf. Before I knit him Thuja, I asked him all about what he would wear if I knit it. Hats? No. Scarves? No. Gloves? No. So I knit him socks, which is fine, because I like them. :P However, I'm just a bit confused about it all. To think I contemplated going up against the boyfriend sweater curse because I couldn't think of anything else to knit him!

So, of course, I'm knitting a scarf. He requested black or grey yarn (don't all men? I think this is universal). I happen to have some very special black yarn:

I'm rewinding the skein there because it was a mess, and I really wanted to wash it before I knit with it.

It was/is my grandmother's yarn. I have no idea what it is, except it was in a large drawstring bag with a tag marked "wool". Unfortunately, since my grandma has Alzheimer's, she won't be needing the yarn anymore. However, I'm determined to put it all to good use (Beth...we still have to schedule that dye date!!!). So, the lone skein of black yarn will be a scarf. I'm stymied on a pattern, though.

When it's dry, I'll weigh it and go from there. If you have suggestions for "easy" patterns (I always mess up row counting.../sigh) I'd appreciate them in the comments!

EDIT: Alright, at MBF's insistence, he never changed his mind. I'm crazy and I made it all up in a delusion of not wanting to knit winter wear! I'm sorry...what's the knitter's equivalent of saying the rosary? Do I have to knit Shetland Lace in penance?