Monday, September 18, 2006

rnd 9

Today is a purple day. Deal with it.

This is today's (Day #3) progress on the Dishcloth KAL.

Row 25 was a PITA. I tinked (that's knit backwards, otherwise known as "unknit" or "frogging" [rippit, rippit]) the damn row at least 5 times. What's weird is that row 25 was a repeat of row 7 (or maybe 9? dunno, didn't go back and look) and I didn't have any trouble the first time through. Leave it to me to do something right the first time, and then completely screw the pooch the second time through. This photo is showing 29 rows done. 4 days left to will be a nice size when done.

Obligatory close up:
I'm loving the developing pattern, and I'm really tempted to make a scarf in the same pattern with a really whispy fingering yarn.


2.5 more inches before I can start the decreases.


Why can't men have little feet? lol.

Until Next Time,
May your BOs be swift and your FOs be many!
**No animals were harmed during the making of this blog**


Angie said...

What size does he wear? My son is 13 and wears a size 13(mens). Talk about nightmare to knit. LOL. Your cloth looks great. I am knitting mine in solid white. It looks good in a solid too.

Tally said...
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Tally said...

It's an for a size 11.5 foot. Which is plenty large enough if you ask me. LOL. I bet the solid white looks fab!!

meowy said...

Ohh.... so THAT is how it's supposed to look! My washcloth from MonthlyDischlothsKAL doesn't look anything like that, I already unraveled it haha.

That's pretty, I'll have to try again. Some of the rows are really confusing, keep running out of stitches to do the border and such.

~s_knits~ said...

Your Kal looks great and I love the color...I'm behind just printed off day 3. (new to the world of

Pat said...

Your dishcloth is so pretty - I'm doing mine in a cream color and loving it too! A scarf would be beautiful! I'm also knitting some of those "MAN" size socks --they do go on and on.....

Dawn said...

I saw your link on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and I am thinking of designing either a scarf or a stole with this pattern. I am loving how it is working up. I have been researching edging in one of the Nicky Epstein books!!

Looks great!

LL said...

We are using the exact same yarn for our monthly dishcloth! So, of course, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on the dishcloth!!! I just finished mine and I really love this pattern too. You did wonderfully! I love the color you chose!

angela said...'t it time for an update? More pictures. Come on now...don't leave me hanging!