Thursday, September 07, 2006

Progress...I think

Ok...this is the baby sock, with the rediculously small needles, and the baby weight yarn. I've just finished turning the heel (a flap/short row combo) and I'm about to pick up my stiches for the gusset. Hence the pause for station identification, since I need Ang to re-explain what the heck I'm supposed to do. :)

Thankfully, the baby isn't due until November. (The shower is next week though! Eek!)

Now...tell me this guy doesn't look like the Cookie Monster? I had my husband rolling his eyes at me as I opened and closed it's mouth singing "C is for Cookie," which (by the way) he is now humming to himself while he plays on the computer.

It should be stuck in his head for days now. :P

I know...I'm evil. When he starts to complain that it's stuck in his head, I'll hum that Suzanne Vega song that gets wedged into your skull. (something about a diner?)

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Crow Calling Woman said...

Cooooooooooooooookie!!! One of my favorite characters...LOL!