Friday, September 22, 2006

Elisa's Challenge

I belong to a "Mom's" list of women who were a part of I-village's August 1997 Playgroup (a bulletin board for Mom's expecting in Aug. of '97). We had our babies and kept chatting...and eventually we formed a yahoo group...and 10 years later....we have Elisa's challenge.

Elisa is a photographer (among many, many other things) and she wanted each of us to take photos from our front door. Well, I finally remembered to do it....and it's midnight...and raining.

And apparently, I can't stand still while standing on my porch, in the rain, taking a midnight.

Elisa - I'll try to remember to take one in the daylight. :P

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Anonymous said...

Please show me an update. I am in Reno and my feet are cold.