Wednesday, September 06, 2006

rnd 3


I am happy to say, I've made progress. This is my first full size pair of socks. Well, we'll see if the second one gets made! lol.

My other sock was for a baby, and I made it with sugar and cream cotton (it's what the pattern called for...I swear!). It's really ugly, but I'm keeping it as a reminder that "I've done this before, I can do it again..."

I get surprise knitting time today, as the school just called not to long ago to say that my DD tossed her cookies all over the playground and could I please come get her now? She's like me, once the cookies are tossed, the illness is behind ya...and it's all roses, but try explaining that to the school!

I'll try to post a pic of the "infamous" first sock sometime soon. It really is ugly...and would fit a one year old!


angela said...

Look at you! You've made progress! I'm so proud of keep it up and remember the MOST IMPORTANT part of the sock instructions...CAST ON THE SECOND SOCK ASAP!

Can't wait to see more progress...

Rager said...


Good start! I guess you're right that I'll get them in time for Christmas.

Once again, thanks!