Tuesday, September 12, 2006

rnd 6 and 7

OK...so I've been working on the "wool slipper sock of death" for about a week now. Yesterday, it looked like this:

I intentionally made the cuff short, because it is for a foot that lives in CA, and is attached to a man. So, I figured he wouldn't want a big cuff on his calf. It also looks like this sock is going to fit Sasquatch, or maybe his cousin, the Yeti (wool sock you know...).

I should put it on my foot for comparison's sake. I'll include that at the end.

Here are photos of today's progress. I'm done with the decreases, and I'm back to only one magic loop, instead of two.

I think Ang asked about the scarf (which has lost ANOTHER stich!), so I'll include photos of that too.

here is a close up...love the texture of the bamboo feather. Mmmmmm.

The red is a Scakel (is that right?) Rimmel. It's like a ribbon with fringe on the edges. Size 11 needles, garter stitch. It's for my son, so nothing fancy, other than the yarn. Yes, he picked the colors. :) And yes, he is learning to Knit and Crochet (actually, he knows how to crochet already).

Alright. I'm sure this is picture laden enough for one post. Later all!

I have "pressing" business....SLEEP!

EDIT: I forgot the foot-in-sock picture!

Hmmm...it won't let me add it. I'll try on a new entry.

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angela said...

I love it..."the wool slipper sock of death." It's really giving you the what for, isn't it? Don't let it get you down. It's still just a sock. ;)