Monday, November 05, 2007


That is a problem. You see...there isn't that much of it left. And it's going into a felting project, so I really don't want to louse it up (my FIRST felting project).

That's not a lot of yarn, and I have quite a bit of black to go...some of it double stranded black. I need more yarn. Panic.

Clasping this label to my chest, I went to Michael's today (the place I got the first batch), in hopes that they'd still have some of the same dye lot. I cannot explain why...WHY...I bought 3x the amount of the Other yarn used in this project, when the black is carried double thru the entire project (sometimes with the Other yarn, and sometimes with another strand of black). I'm an idiot? Guess so.

This is the yarn I got (both times).

This is the back of the yarn I got today. Notice the lot number. Notice that it is THE SAME as the one above. Is a victory dance too much? They had the dye lot! Yippee!!!

Oh...and this:

Might have jumped into my hands. I'm just sayin'.

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Beth said...

The difference between us is that I'd have been forced to make do with another dyelot. Congrats on the great find! :)