Tuesday, October 23, 2007

F to the U

f-bomb sample knitHere is a knit sample of my *own* hand dyed F-bomb yarn. It was dyed by laying the hank down flat so that it was like an oval, and spreading the yarn into one layer. Then I wrote a word on it in purple dye. The 'F' word. Then I filled in the rest with blobs of yellow and green.

Ang, Beth and I felt rather silly about the whole thing, and honestly, I thought the end result was a rather ugly ball of green yarn.

HOWEVER, I absolutely love how it's knitting up!

This will be a pair of socks for my friend, Tasha. She listens to me whine and wheedle all week long...week in and week out. She keeps me sane in my current world of f-bomb sample knit'MBF is 3,784 miles away...this sucks...waaaaaah!' And she amuses me to no end. The fact that she is also many miles away from me really pisses me off.

Anyway, if ever there was a person that could put F-bomb socks to good use, it is Tasha. I can think of nobody better suited to sport a pair of handknit socks and quietly proclaim to the world "Eff You!" all at once.

Christmas?! Who said Christmas? Surely *I* didn't say Christmas. I'm positive.


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Tasha said...

Soooo does that mean you're telling me "fuck you" .. hmmmm? :P

I can't wait to get them .. they're looking good!! And hey you listen to me bitch just as much =)

You just need to move to TexASS

Beth said...

I believe we've discovered the secret to non-pooling hand dyed yarn. :)