Friday, November 16, 2007

A few things knitting, a few things not

Well, the MBF sock is going to have to lose it's heel, for a myriad of reasons. 1)it's off center by two stitches. I was going to over-look that...ya know...knitterly denial. BUT... 2) the sock is too short. I was going to over-look that, too, at least until I found a size 11 foot to put it on to try it out. BUT 3) I dropped a stitch...about 10 rows ago. I think even the Harlot would agree that the forces are trying to tell me SOMETHING. :P So...the heel will come back off.

But, what I think the sock is really trying to tell me is, "DO YOUR XMAS KNITTING YOU IDIOT!!! PUT ME DOWN! PICK UP THE THINGS THAT HAVE A DEADLINE!" That's right. "In the Navy" socks are not for xmas. I have THREE projects that I wanted to get done for MBF for xmas. I only think I'll get one of them to him. I'll be sure to pad the box with chocolate, then he'll not notice, or if he does, won't care! :P Oh yes, he is the perfect knitting companion. He'll talk yarn, stitches, patterns, etc. (i.e. ask intelligent questions) And he lives for coffee and chocolate. The very best part? He likes dark that 70% stuff? So...he never, ever has to worry that I'll swipe his chocolate, and by the gods, he better keep his paws off mine. lol.

As we all know, this is his second pair of socks. Thuja was great fun, my first REAL socks. But I was so petrified of running out of yarn (and rightly so...I only had a few grams left and had to make two toned toes) that I made the cuff very short. Now, if you're gonna have a pair of squishy wool socks for the winter, really you need a longer ankle, right? These were/are more like anklets or calflets. :P. So the next pair (In the Navy) is being knit toe up. The only problem with this is that I should have taken measurements of thuja before I mailed it away. I texted MBF the other day to see if he could take a measurement for me. Here's the response, "Gonna have to take them off to measure. Oh noes, chilly toesies." I guess he's willing to brave cold ankles for a nice squish. :P You wouldn't believe the photos I've sent with lines drawn on them for where to measure. :) You also wouldn't believe the 800 questions he's asked about where to measure, I think he's more scared of getting it wrong than I am. heh.

The "trendy fibers" thing? It's getting really close. One more BO to go...then weaving in the ends, and off for a good washing. That's really good news, since the washing "date" is next Thursday, Thanksgiving. My step-mom has a toploader. Gonna need one of those. lol.

On to the other news. I have a boobrock. Well, it's more like an armpit rock, and more like a pebble, but armpit pebble doesn't sound nearly as COOL. I have to go in soon for an ultrasound. I'm not sure when, the referral hasn't been set up quite yet. The Dr. thinks it's a fibroid thingie-whatsit and is nothing to worry about. Right, the damn thing ACHES and is tender...I'll just ignore it, no problem. (Miss V, I apologize for stealing the Boobrock(TM) wording.)

Other weird news... I can hear my pulse in my right ear. Used to be (a year or so ago) that I could only hear it at night (when it was really quiet) or when I elevated my heart rate (then it would be LOUD). Now...I can hear it all the time. The sound like when you hear your baby's heart in the womb on that little machine. Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, in my ear, all the time. The doctor thinks this is not normal either, and is sending me for an MRI/MRA (the MRA is the MRI, but with dye to show my blood vessels). I don't know when this appt. will be, either.

So really, it's no wonder I dropped a stitch. That was while I was in the waiting room at the Dr. Wed. Night.

P.S. If anyone has a Transporter Room like on Star Trek, please let me know. I could really use an MBF hug. KK...thx.


Beth said...

Thingie-whatsit is the technical term, yes? Hope your dr. is right and it's nothing.

Get to work on that Christmas knitting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is your aunt. I get funny whooshie tic-tics in my left ear only, since I was in my thirties. They just tell me it's a form of tinnitus.