Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11th hour

Here's the thing...when you live across an ocean from someone, lots of things require advanced planning. It took 2 weeks for Thuja to get to MBF back in June. Therefore, I need to mail his xmas to him next week. I want to allow double the time for it to get there, just in case. Also, there is no way for me to track an item send to the UK, unless I send it via UPS, DHL, etc. The last package I sent him cost me $18.00 to send via the Postal Service (which wasn't bad) and would have been $89.00 via UPS. I guess I just have to take my chances. I am contemplating sending two separate packages just in case, you know...not putting all of my eggs in one basket. I think I would die if my package with handknit stuffs went missing. It would be so much easier if he lived in Duluth (no offense to Duluthians, it just popped into my head as a place that seems remote) [that's Minnesota, I think], or something.

So yeah, kinda obsessing about it. lol. (me? never!)

Oh yeah...I thought of a 4th and 5th knitted project for him. All of this for a guy who doesn't want scarves, hats, or gloves. Per the vote, I'm not allowed to make a sweater (see bottom of page). He would love the sweater, he says to knit it. He does LOVE the socks (I was skeptical, but he continues to tell me he's wearing them, and I believe him. :P). So I'm limited to socks...and um...other inventive things that occur to me from time to time. (Heh...the Thing Sling (tm) is still in development. I, er...need a model for it. NO...that was not a call for volunteers. Anyone got a banana and a couple tangerines? lol.) Right...where was I?

Oh yes...if there are felting gods, please pay attention to this next bit. I need this project to felt nicely. As in, not too much! and also, evenly! I really don't want to have inadvertently knit something for myself for xmas. or Barbie. I really don't want to have knit something for Barbie. Oh...and if it doesn't felt at all? I guess it might look alright on the elephant at the zoo... Elephants deserve handknits, too. Right?

I think MBF is secretly holding out for a "felted willy warmer". I tried to explain that that's probably an item that should be felted "on site" and then tried to explain that felting involved really hot water and lots of agitation...and then I really don't remember the rest of that conversation. Where the heck is my head today? Yeesh. I'm gonna end this post now, before I start talking about pr0n.

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Beth said...

Can I make a small suggestion? Don't felt the willy warmer. It would be a little scratchy/itchy no matter what wool you use. Maybe consider something super-soft (like Malabrigo - they make a lace-weight now).

I've done a good bit of felting and just the thought of it... eeuuuw