Friday, November 09, 2007

I am the boss of my knitting!

Remember the "In the Navy" socks for MBF? I barely remember it either. I was working it toe up to maximize yarn use (just knit until it runs out!). When I got to the heel, though, I couldn't wrap my head around any of the directions! I set it aside, moved it to "Hibernation" status on Ravelry and promptly forgot about it. Then I needed some size 6 DPNs. I grabbed the sock, yanked the needles out and left it for dead, figuring I'd rip it out later. I put it in a (edit: LIFE?..ugh...LIVE) stitches pointed all over...

It had been on the needles so long that the stitches just stayed perfect. That's kinda scary.

So last night...I get it into my head that I really should just do something with the sock. (Shit or get off the pot, right?) I don't like frogging. Especially 9 inches of sock. So, I think, why do I dislike this project? Why is it so much more annoying than the last pair? Well, I changed the pattern, and I'm working it toe up. I like the toe up change, gives me a challenge and all. The pattern change? Not so much. I managed to take a nice simple pattern (row 1: Knit, row 2: K3, P1 around) and make it more difficult (row 1: K3, P1 around. row 2: P1, *K3, P1* around). Still easy, but now I have to count EVERY row, and pay a bit more attention to things lining up and all. So. I had to face that I was NOT going to finish it as it was. Was I going to rip it? Nope. I decided to drop one of the 2 columns of "seed stitch" and turn it into all knit instead of knit/purl. Easy.

This shows the columns of knit and the columns of seed stitch.

This is the start of the stitch I'm going to drop down.

This is the stitch I need to drop down to.

This is a photo (blurry...sorry) after dropping the column of stitches down.

Here is a close up as I start back up the column. "Zipped" stitches below the needle, "unzipped" above.

First column "fixed".

I knitting a sock!

I think I'm going to use Wendy's toe up "thing" she's been doing recently that isn't short row, isn't flap and looks really cool. Maybe that will fix my heel confusion.

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