Wednesday, October 25, 2006


J's blue scarf is already starting to fall apart. :( Could it be because he is sleeping with it? LOL. I have to admit, it's too wide for his size, and he tends to pull on it a lot. All of my woven in ends have started to work back out (we're talking 8 inches of tail, worked a few stitches together and everything...dang slippery yarn). However, this scarf was my "FKO" (first knitted object) and I'm proud of it. It was HARD to do....I kept losing a stitch (you try working 2 novelty yarns together on Addi Turbos! LOL), having to tink (I was not frogging that yarn, I'd never get it back on the needles) several times to find the lost stitch, and panicing because I was running out of blue yarn. I guess I should have been more concerned about the red yarn since it was discontinued this past spring. I did not know that until just now. Yeesh.

I have gotten my Mary Jane Booties completed, except for the buttons. <That photo is from the pattern book. I got the book at the grocery store, I think I was at Kroger. It's pulished by Pilbooks, but I could not find it on their website.

There are 17 patterns in the book, and so far, it was well worth the $3.99. The Mary Janes are so simple it's amazing. There's a Teddy Bear pattern, blankets, cardigans, sweaters, hooded towel, mock fair isle hat (with self striping yarn), bibs..... really cute stuff. Next time you're at the check out, Check it Out! :P

Until next time, may your BOs be swift, and your FOs be many!

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angela said...

Can't wait to see a photo of YOUR mary janes. I bet that they're too cute. :)