Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sheep Intestines

Good Morning! I didn't get home until 12:30 AM last sorry that you all had to wait for the update on our Knitter's Day Out.

Ang, Beth, my blogless Step Mother and I all ended up shopping together and we had so much fun!

First up...the gifts! You can see some of what I gave Angie over on her blog (where's the pics of the handmade stuff, woman! Sheesh). She gave me this book and this:

there are a couple of firsts involved here, her first short row heel and my first pair of handknit socks! (On a side note, could someone please tell me the past tense of knit? Is knitted a word? Or is it like moose and deer and no matter what you just say moose or deer? LOL) Anyhow, I love these socks! Of course I love them, they have purple in them. :) Maybe Ang will leave the yarn specifics in the comments, because I don't have the info (other than that they are laundry proof! yay!)

We went to The Merc and Heavenly Creations you can see what Ang picked up over on her blog. Beth got out of town with just one bag of roving! (I think, did you pick up some of that Paint Box?) What did I get, you say?

Well, crap. The black/red/grey is rather lovely and nice to work with, but the tag is, er, um....missing. So I can't tell you what it is. The Noro is Kureyon #154. Sockotta in colorway 6674 (don't you just love these descriptive colors?). The bottom on is Jitterbug in the Fruit Coulis colorway. Oohh...I found the receipt. The black stuff is Aurora Bulky Melange in colorway ABM4.

I also picked up some laceweight, and a new friend:

That's Alpaca with a Twist, Fino in Champagne. 70% Alpaca and 30% silk. Yum! That is destined for Acid Dyes. I think. That's Beth and Ang's department (and our next get together?). on to what Beth did for me! She taught me how to draft and spin on a drop spindle! She brought me this:

and aside from the fact that the skinny stuff is called pencil roving and the pink stuff is made from corn, I don't remember the details of what she told me they are. (Beth, could you comment and identify them again?) I'm to do the big blob last, I remember that. She also brought a spare spindle for me to test drive. We had a good time in The Merc while she tried to keep me focused on what I was supposed to be doing (there were people knitting cool things there...and there was conversation going on...I mean really! lol). Rule #1: don't let the drafted roving wind around your spun yarn, that was bad...lesson learned. LOL. Since I was spinning on a borrowed spindle, we had to remove it at the end of the lesson:

hence the name of this post. My dad has dubbed my first spinning "Sheep Intestines". I suppose I'll let it slide, because he helped me take this stuff:

and make this:

which I then used to do this:

Beth, if Ang bet you any money about how long until I had one made, I think we finished it around 11PM. :)

Thanks for coming up you two...I had a blast! Oh, and Beth, we found the Noro playground. It was hiding at the 3rd store!


Beth said...

OK - clockwise from the olive/teal:
Australian top from Holly Spring, Shetland or BFL dyed with Wilton icing colors, thrums from Spinderella (containing a wide variety of fibers blended together), Ingeo dyed with Wilton colors, Colonial (I think) purchased from Angora Cottage, Corriedale pencil roving in the Silver Fox colorway from Crown Mountain Farms. Whew! Can't believe I remember them all.

I'm so glad you've made some spindles!! Spinning is a great way to celebrate Distaff Day. ;)

It was great to meet yesterday and I had such a good time. And thanks so much for the pieced bag. I've got a ton of little things that just congregate in the bottom of my notions bag - they just might have a new home.

Angela said...

Your spindle looks GREAT! Seriously, it doesn't look like tractor wheels and dowell rods! Now, when you're feeling especially artsy, you can paint it all fancy-like. ;) At least one of then, that is!

You're going to really take to spinning now, aren't you?