Thursday, January 11, 2007


Woo....200 visits! Let me bask for a moment! LOL.

Seriously, I'm not sure how I'm getting around the net, but you all rock! Now, if I could just get some of my repeat visitors to leave some comments!! (Beth and Ang don't count.)

Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, UK, France, Canada, Korea, Phillipines, Germany, Iran....I wish I could *really* go to all those places, and not just through the "nets".

Thanks for visiting!


Beth said...

What do you mean we don't count?!?! We count more than most... hahahahaha

Tally said...

Well, Ok, you DO count, but that's like family. LOL.

When strangers start posting...that's when you've really hit the big time! LOL.

Angela said...

Well how strange do you need? Seriously, Beth and I are pretty darn strange sometimes. LOL!

Angela said... I have a picture to post with my comments. Like it?

Tally said...

Are those the now infamous freakishly long feet? LOL.

Angela said...

Yes. And they're proudly modeling the now shrunken and felted "Making Waves" socks from the 6 sox KAL. :) Yeah. Freakishly Long.