Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yes. Boring title. Howdy to everyone stopping by from Rabbitch's blog. The particular t-shirt I want is this image, with a caption like, "Knitting without a helmet." or something equally as witty. I'm sure she'll think of SOMETHING. (hint, hint!)

Here's a picture of a mitten:

I'm not particularly proud of said mitten. It doesn't fit anyone I know, didn't care for the colors together, and I hate the construction (seemseamed). So, I never knit it a partner. I've had this mitten for a year. Just hanging out. I got a camera for xmas. It needed a home. My mitten needed a friend. It is no longer a mitten, but a "stylish" (fine..."weird") camera tote. With a thumb. Whatever. It works.

I'll have update photos of the scarf project soon, knitting is slow going on it, my hands have been achy.

Three cheers for recycling my own crappy knitting! Hip, hip, hooray!


Anonymous said...

You could keep extra batteries in the thumb :) that gives it a purpose right?

Dania said...

you are retarded :P