Saturday, January 05, 2008

First Project of '08

In a change of mindset I can't explain, MBF asked for a scarf. Before I knit him Thuja, I asked him all about what he would wear if I knit it. Hats? No. Scarves? No. Gloves? No. So I knit him socks, which is fine, because I like them. :P However, I'm just a bit confused about it all. To think I contemplated going up against the boyfriend sweater curse because I couldn't think of anything else to knit him!

So, of course, I'm knitting a scarf. He requested black or grey yarn (don't all men? I think this is universal). I happen to have some very special black yarn:

I'm rewinding the skein there because it was a mess, and I really wanted to wash it before I knit with it.

It was/is my grandmother's yarn. I have no idea what it is, except it was in a large drawstring bag with a tag marked "wool". Unfortunately, since my grandma has Alzheimer's, she won't be needing the yarn anymore. However, I'm determined to put it all to good use (Beth...we still have to schedule that dye date!!!). So, the lone skein of black yarn will be a scarf. I'm stymied on a pattern, though.

When it's dry, I'll weigh it and go from there. If you have suggestions for "easy" patterns (I always mess up row counting.../sigh) I'd appreciate them in the comments!

EDIT: Alright, at MBF's insistence, he never changed his mind. I'm crazy and I made it all up in a delusion of not wanting to knit winter wear! I'm sorry...what's the knitter's equivalent of saying the rosary? Do I have to knit Shetland Lace in penance?


Rabbitch said...

If there's enough yardage, the Harlot's fake rib scarf is easy and attractive.

Angela said...

I made the second one for my brother in law's bday a few years ago. It was a quick knit without much thinking. And I *know* that you can do the cables!

Hey...did you see my first finished object of 2008? Yarn look familiar?

Beth said...

But what weight is it? I like the fake rib idea. Also Corrugator.