Monday, January 21, 2008

99 Cables to Knit on the Scarf...

99 Cables to go, get one down, wrap it around, 98 cables to knit on the scarf.

Take 1:

This Pattern.

We (MBF, Mom, and I) decided that 8 inches was too wide. Mom and I also decided I should bump the needle size to 10 for a looser fabric. I'm using KnitPicks Swish yarn in Coast Grey (don't tell my aunt!)

Take 2:

It's now twice this long. I know...I'm such a speed demon... (riiiight)

(ETA:) Looking at those photos together, of take 1 and take 2...I think my count is off! The newer one looks like I've skipped rows. (This would explain why I keep "losing count") I was debating using ribbing to connect the two ends, less bulky on the neck. Now I'm thinking I should just start stretching (elongating) the cables, arranging is so that it's like a 30 row cable behind the neck...coming back down to the 8 rows at either end (or um...6 rows.). Does that sound dumb? Help me Obi Wan! You're my only hope!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I don't mind you using the wool, I'm glad you're using it!!!!