Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rnd 14's been awhile!!! Have I knit much? Not really.

I'll post my current/only project....Thuja from Knitty.

Variations? You bet. LOL. I'm using Wildfoote sock yarn in SY-29 Tom Cat colorway. It's a 4 ply of Navy, Black, Purple and Grey. Since the pattern calls for a different yarn, and larger needles, I am using 2 strands at once on 4.25mm DPNs (size 6 US). Also, this is for a larger boy foot (size 11), so it's a given that I'm going to run out of yarn. :P

Don't worry...I have a plan! All will be revealed....after they are gifted, of course.

Time lapse photography, anyone?

Here we go, starting with the foot in question:

The beginnings (on my leg):

The heel is turned (in Edinburgh, UK no less!):

I call this "Sock Repose, with Phone":

I've taken sock one off the needles to begin sock two:

Sock 2 begins!:

and continues:

and is almost caught up!:

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