Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Socks.

The Thuja Socks have been completed and sent off to the UK to live with their new owner. Mr. Boy Foot has been charged with taking action shots of the socks, upon penalty of death (or at least no more sock love...).

In other sock news...

I learned something new! My first short row heel. It's not the most gorgeous thing ever, but it's a heel!

I also learned the K1 P1 Invisible Bind Off:

And that's all a part of this:

Sock 1 of baby socks for my niece-in-law. This is the yarn that my daughter and I dyed using Wilton Cake Dyes while at Ang's house. Beth blogged all about the dyeing experience here. Beth has also been bugging me to actually "knit" with the yarn...LOL. I used the Turkish Cast On and knit these toe up. Started with 10 stiches on 3mm needles, and increased every other row up to 36 stitches total. 18 on front needle, 18 on back. I started working Feather and Fan on the top, and worked the short row heel down to 4 stiches (won't do that on the next pair...I'll leave it wider). I carried the feather and fan up the leg on front and back needle (it's an 18 stitch repeat), and then worked a K1 P1 rib and cast off. I totally made it up on the fly, and I'll be damned if it doesn't look planned. LOL.

May your BO's be swift and your FO's be many!

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Beth said...

Yay!! Now you need to knit full size ones!