Monday, May 21, 2007

Eff to the Oh....not quite....

Well, one of them is technically it's an FO, right?!? we had a slight issue with yarn, as in not enough of it. I knew this was coming....and juggled various options (even buying more of the same yarn...which you would have thought would have been the first option...but So...after talking with Mr. Boy Foot, we decided that it really didn't matter what the toes looked like...these are most likely house socks, or possibly boot socks if they aren't nobbly feeling in shoes. This is my first FINISHED *adult* sock...for a men's size 11 foot, no less. (please be aware that MY foot is the one in the sock for photo purposes....women's size 7)

So...Behold! A sock toe:

Isn't it lovely? I rather like it.

Here it is from an "on the foot" perspective:

Again, my toes just aren't big enough to properly model....

In fact, my toes aren't anywhere *near* the toe of that sock. lol.

Here it is in all of it's "blocked" glory:

Well, if you consider a sock that's just been taken off the needles, ends tucked in so you can't see them, hasn't been washed yet, thrown on a hanger for a photo..."blocked". LOL.

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Beth said...

You can always consider it a Dobby sock. :)