Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dish Rag Tag!

I left all of my photos of the box I received AT HOME! I'm such a dork! So, I'll be posting them in reverse order.

Here is what happens when you grab the 5mm needles instead of the SIZE 5 needles:

Lisa wanted no part of that rag, assuming I finished it, which I did NOT. Ew.

Take #2 (well, #4 whatever!):

This is right after work, while helping V study for a spelling test. (6-7pm)

While on the phone with MBF (8:30-9:30pm) then 11:30-12:15am while half asleep. :P

Lunchtime the following day.

Finish Line! About 9:30pm....off to the airport post office!

I also sent two balls of the self striping yarn, one blue and one pink; and candy...a candy necklace, Razzles, and Jelly Bellys!


Tasha said...

looks like a poop stain :P

Tally said...

thanks...i love you too! heh.

pooling can be such fun!

Angela said...

Hey there stranger! It's good to see that you haven't dropped off the face of the earth!!

I'm likin' V's PJ pants...very cool. She should be proud, she did a great job. Fun fabric, too! Kudos to her from me. ;)

Lisa said...

Just dropped in to say Thanks! Jelly belly's rock. They are safely hidden away and I have logged them into my WW point counter. If I could eat just one and wait 4 hours, they would be "FREE", but I would much rather eat the whole bag--the 15 point price tag is stopping me from that!!