Friday, December 29, 2006

A name....I need a name!!!

I have a new member in my family! I got an iPod for Christmas!

It needs a name!! Wendy named hers Irving. I've seen one named Orbit. Mine is a black one, with video. I've started making a cozy/sock/sweater for it already. I'm not super pleased with the button hole I made at the bottom for plugging it in. It's the right size, but it flares out on the front edge. I promise to post progress photos...when I find my camera. I'm also writing the pattern as I go, since I'm making it up and might want to make another one. :)

Grumperina made a cozy for one ( name). Here is a pattern for the cutest cozy EVER.

In other news, I have another FO to share. It's a Cartridge Belt Rib Scarf done in Patons Rumor in the Moonstone Heather colorway. Be sure to read the comments, there is a pattern correction (a small one, and noticed by me no less!). I have no photos of this FO, because I was sick as a dog, and it was an xmas gift, and I was still knitting it at 11pm xmas eve.... Yes....I know. I suck.

So...gimme some name ideas!!!

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