Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My last post was my 100th! Who knew I could blabber on so much? Ok, so everyone knows. Whatever! :P

I treated myself to one of these:

I am wearing it today, even! I <3 it. It's replacing the one that is on permanent loan to the Newark Train Station. (At least that's where I recall it ending up last year. Oops.) [My winter coat is also there, we're not discussing that...] I'm sure the two of them had a grand time riding across central England. lol.

Anyhow...it's from Rabbitch's Cafepress! It's a nice quality product, and I am so glad I talked her into it! w00t!


going soooooo slow!


Tasha said...

only 100 .. pfft i know you can babble more than that! :P

Beth said...

That's an adorable logo. :)

Also - you are capable of far more than 100....

(ducking and running)

Angela said...

What's the status of the scarf now??? it's been a while since you've updated!